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Provillus for women is being touted as the next best thing after sliced bread; well, perhaps, the advertisers may be pitching for that, but how does one determine whether Provillus for women is actually the practical treatment option for all or most women that feel cut off from their counterparts due to the problem of thinning, falling and weak hair? We attempt to answer that question along with a few other pertinent issues about women's hair loss, its causes and how Provillus for women fares along side other natural hair loss for women options.

First of all, if you are a woman reading this article, please rest assured you are not alone in facing the problem of thinning hair; hair fall and thinning are common enough issues for the average woman as a result of natural aging, hormonal issues, underlying health factors etc. In fact, statistically, those looking for Provillus for women to treat hair loss and associated problems can be cheered by the prospect of more than 1 in 4 women inheriting the problem of thinning hair. There! Yet another problem you can squarely put on the shoulders of your parents!

Seriously though, while many women suffer the misery of blaming either parents for genetic causes of unhealthy or female pattern baldness or think it is the regular use of hair dryers and tongs that cause women to lose hair and look to buy Provillus for women to treat these and more problems, the actual solution is to look within - and consult with a doctor to determine the underlying cause behind individual hair health problems. The fact is that while there are a host of hair health issues that can be related to wrong styling techniques and hereditary hair loss, not all of these can be helped by using the best and most expensive natural or herbal hair care products, such as Provillus for women. The answer therefore, lies in finding out your particular condition leading to your hair problem, be it over-treating and coloring hair that has had an adverse effect, causing your hair to break off near the scalp or a hormonal change or use of some medication that has resulted in long-term hair loss. With the help of a qualified medical expert, women looking for permanent and safe solutions to natural hair growth or prevention of hair loss can get the best advice for their particular condition- much like a customized treatment option, which is advisable step towards proper diagnosis and treatment for hair loss as compared to buying Provillus for women or other such herbal products that are still in the nascent stage of being researched for side-effects.

Among the many common reasons women lose their hair are due to hereditary thinning or alopecia (this accounts for 95% of female hair loss), hormonal imbalances, child-birth, menopause, radiation therapy or using harmful medication.

But since the manufacturers of Provillus for women term it as the product that 'aggressively seeds your scalp to create the optimum environment for new, healthy hairs,' wouldn't you think of wanting a softer, more gentler on the scalp treatment for supplying proper nutrition to bring damaged, dead hair follicles back to life? Then, try Sephren for happy hair!! Click now to buy Sephren online at

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