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Would you buy a product that tells you to start using it just to prevent hair loss? Or will you go for the product that actually advises you not to worry and to ascertain the hair loss problem first before resorting to a treatment that assures you to reverse the effects of the cause of Hair loss? Naturally you will go for the latter option and you will find yourself at the most popular sites that propagate the use of Procerin Provillus DHT hair loss treatments.

Procerin, Provillus treats the underlying problem of hair loss in most men and women, which is caused by the by-product of testosterone. The hormone we are looking for is DHT or Dihydrotestosterone Hormone. This is a very troublesome little by-product created by the combination of 5 alpha Reductase and testosterone. The ensuing by-product is DHT which binds to the receptors of the hair follicles and starves it to death. Now, DHT is an essential part of the hormonal system of the human body, we could not possibly do without it, but we sure did not ask for an over dose of the stuff. Frankly many of us would like to keep our hair, on our heads at least instead of going in for a dose in plenty of DHT.

However, for those of us who are doomed enough to have DHT binding to our hair roots and having them drop off some kind soul managed to come up with a DHT hair loss treatment called Procerin and when that little package began to get a good foot hold in the market segment of air loss along came another product, Provillus. Both the products are aimed at restring your hair with the much wanted and wished for hair the only difference is that Procerin is known to restore hair by reversing the effects of DHT in the scalp (and probably other - un mentioned- parts of the body as well) and Provillus and the other 'we can also do the same' types of DHT treatments propagate the use of the treatment even if there is the rarest of symptoms of hair loss or even using Procerin & Provillus just as a preventive. Hers is where the faith in the product lies. Procerin advocates resorting to the treatment only if the physician has determined that the hair loss is caused by DHT in the system.

So, think it over, with Procerin you are getting the right advice on hair loss treatment. They always advise you to check with your physician as to the cause of the hair loss and then go in for the treatment rather than just take it as a preventive. However, with the kind of results Procerin has brought about as compared to Provillus and a few others, hair loss does not seem such a big problem any more.

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