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Want hair that bounces with good health and shines without the sunlight falling on it? Try the all-natural, safe and affordable Procerin hair loss treatment and treat yourself to a brand, new look today! More on that at after we analyze some of the other so-called completely natural hair loss treatments in the market today; Provillus hair loss formulation is de-constructed for you in this segment - so you as the aware consumer can make informed decisions on which quality hair care herbal product is right for you.

The first and foremost question on everyone considering buying Provillus hair loss products is probably 'How does Provillus work?' We answer that for you: Provillus hair loss formulation works to prevent hair loss by blocking out DHT (Dihydrotestostrone), one of the major causes of hair loss and aggressively supplying essential nutrients to the user's body that are specifically tailored to prevent hair loss and to help the hair re-growth occur as a natural process. These are claims made by the manufacturer and still need more documentation made readily available in the consumer market with hair loss being such a common problem for both men and women and the consumer's right to information being an important issue as well; however, since these claims of Provillus hair loss solution are yet to be substantiated after the initial feedback by users came to light, there is still some doubt about the efficacy of Provillus hair loss. Besides, having inadequate documentation that detracts from the whole concept of good, natural and quality herbal products being able to give necessary information to consumers looking to re-grow hair naturally, especially those looking at Provillus hair loss supplements as a measure that will aid the body's natural supply of nutrients and let the tiny follicles beneath the scalp receive exactly what they need to grow hair, the product has been around only for a few years. Therefore, as compared to Procerin, which has been in the market for a long time and has already established itself as a leading choice for stopping hair loss, with lab research reports, timely customer query resolution, money back guarantees and proper documentation as well as tips to use Procerin; Provillus for hair loss comes in as a less beneficial option.

The common factors between Provillus hair loss supplements and Procerin for hair loss treatment is that both use natural ingredients, which are taken orally and absorbed quickly, to promote new, healthy hair growth; however, the difference in the effectiveness of the products is where the issue of patient advantage lies. While consumers buying Provillus hair loss product have reported on forums and blogs that they have experienced various side-effects after using Provillus hair loss supplements, these range in seriousness from increased sleepiness, difficulty urinating to more dangerous contra-indications such as reacting adversely with blood pressure medications. With Procerin hair loss supplements, these fears are not only allayed due to extensive medical research and regular lab tests conducted on improving the product, but as compared to Provillus hair loss products, Procerin tablets and topical supplements don't stop at preventing or stopping hair loss - Procerin is also effective in re-growth of hair.

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