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Buy Provillus says the marketing segment, but your brain may stop you from making an uninformed decision - or even your health care advisor, be it a medical expert or your best friend who may have been lured by the attraction of getting two bottles free if ordering the maximum result hair loss product. If you've been stopped for any of these reasons, please take the time to think it through rationally before hitting the mouse to buy Provillus - or for that matter any new herbal hair loss prevention product that claims to be a revolutionary formula. For, if the product is really good, why would the manufacturer need to resort to gimmicks such as giving away two bottles free? Anyhow, let us look at why so many consumers feel compelled to buy Provillus, and what are the main ingredients in the formula that can actually stop hair loss to promote hair growth.

Its makers say that those who buy Provillus can look forward to benefiting from the natural ingredients used in the formulation to prevent hair loss; however, the problem is foremost in the inadequate reporting of the exact quantities of the ingredients, which the label on the hair loss supplement fails to give. If you buy Provillus hoping for a miracle cure that sprouts hair on your crown in a matter of weeks, keep looking; because to buy Provillus is no magic cure for hereditary or long-term hair loss and stopping use after noticing a slight improving in hair fall has reportedly got feedback of the new hair falling out besides other side-effects.

Of course, those looking to buy Provillus as an experimental hair loss recovery treatment have the hope of it being a relatively safe product since it contains so many natural ingredients and DHT blockers (the hormone responsible for hair loss), but because it is a medically proven fact that at any given time, 90% of the scalp hairs are in the growth phase, it can be a dicey task to measure which of the new hair can be attributed to the buy Provillus decision. The manufacturers assert that patients suffering hair loss, be it men or women, have the advantage of being able to buy Provillus to suit their gender needs, which means that the formulation is different for both men and women, pre-determined by the way in which the active nutrients in the Provillus supplements are believed to work on the human hormones. Then, one finds the all-important question unanswered: why, despite all this extra care and research put into the Provillus hair loss supplement, does the product for both men and women keep getting so much negative feedback due to side-effects like causing breathlessness, sleepiness, difficulty in urination as well as adversely affecting those taking blood pressure medication?

The buy Provillus marketing team seems so keen on pitching the product that they even say 'You don't have to wait until there's a problem to prevent it!' But, then who would actually want to shell out hard-earned money or risk existing hair and overall health over a problem that hasn't occurred, especially with a product that is relatively new and still needs proper documentation for ingredient listing and correct usage methods, including any clear contra-indications it may have?

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